Chart Gallery


These are examples for some of the chart types supported by OLAPCharts. Click onto a chart to open a larger and interactive version of it.

Column and Bar Charts

A Column or bar chart uses horizontal or vertical bars to compare values among categories. They allow to compare the data very easily and to see the highs or lows in your data.

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Line and Area Charts

Line and area charts show the performance of your data over a period of time.

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Pie & Doughnut Charts

With pie and doughnut charts you can visualize the percentual distribution of the data.

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Scatter & Bubble Charts

In scatter and bubble charts both axes are numeric and show the correlation of two or three numeric measures in your dataset.

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Radar & Rose Charts

Radar & rose charts are similar to line and bar charts but projected on a circular axis. They can be used to display values for repeating categories, like weekdays or hours, or to compare different series by showing their features.

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Timeline & Candle Charts

Timeline Charts use a time scale instead of samples for their X-axis. They display the data development over the time as a simple line or with more advanced visualizations, like candle charts.

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Heat Maps & Tree Maps

Heat Maps are graphical visualization of large 2-dimensional sets of data in a matrix where the values are represented by colors or symbols.

Tree Maps visualize data of a single dimension by dividing the chart area in different sizes. Each area belongs to one sample and its size represents the value.

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Combined Charts

Combined chart consist of two or more different Chart types, e.g. a Bar Chart combined with a Line Chart. Combined are useful to display different types of informations within one Chart.

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